About Us

YesImpact is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing education, health, and community development to the underprivileged citizens of Haiti. This organization was started August 21, 2015 by the initiative of Jean Kedler Abelard, an American citizen, born in Haiti. Afterwards, the organization was welcomed by co-founders Dieusibon Cidelus and Nahama Azard. Each year a number of Haitian children struggle to attend school due to lack of economic means of their parents. YesImpact wants to be their voice. It also means that every child could have the opportunity to attend school to conquer the hope of a better future. However, the organization cannot achieve its goals without the help of its voluntary partners to make a lasting difference in the lives of children. We are so thankful that a local church (Eglise de Dieu la Trinité de Terre-Gaman) in Haiti lets us use their spare room for our first classroom, but we want to build a permanent school to provide more resources to meet the needs of students and teachers. Board member Dr. Pierre Pierrot leads our health initiatives. He also provides healthcare services to our students and staff members. Now, the organization seeks to extend this program through mobile clinics in all 10 states in the country. For our health section, our ultimate goal is building a hospital to provide health care at all levels and will operate 24/7. Finally, the idea for this project came from Kedler which, thanks to missionaries of Double Harvest, had the opportunity to attend a quality school in the rural of Croix-des-Bouquets. However, his intelligence and wisdom enabled him to get the help and generosity of a few American friends, who helped him to start his university studies in the United States. Nevertheless, Kedler never abandoned his origin and continues to visit Haiti. Attracted by the problem of poor children, in August 2015, he decided to do something different to help the country. Since then, he has worked diligently to realize this dream. We believe that there should not be any barriers hindering the start of something great. Our focus is to educate and to enrich humanity’s culture.