YesImpact's mission is to further educate more Haitians to reach their full potential.


As an organization, YesImpact shares a set of common values presented below.
It is the fundamental basis of our mission. It facilitates cohesion in our organization and alliance between our partners.
It is our priority. We believe in the power of working together to transform lives.
Social justice
YesImpact is determined to fight inequalities and exclusions of any nature. We value relationships based on trust and respect for the dignity of the human being.
YesImpact wants the integral development of each person to avoid the dependence of each individual in different spheres of life. The development of children, gender equality, and the empowerment of women and girls are our priority.

Overall Objective

Participate in the development of a new Haiti through social and educational activities, environmental awareness, and healthcare.

Specific Objectives

    1. Provide education to vulnerable children;
    2. Enhance the potential of each of the children;
    3. Create a space to facilitate the full development of the children;
    4. Help needy families to provide for their children; and
    5. Encourage community members to truly transform their environment.