In Haiti, attending school has become a challenge for parents and students. Our philosophy is: "Through education, we can instill good morals to make the world a better place to live in and make an outstanding impact on others." This is why we opened our school, Institution Mixte Jean Kedler (IMJK), on September 12, 2016, to allow hundreds of children to attend school for the first time. Our school is in Terre-Gaman (Croix-des-Bouquets), a 1-hour drive from the Toussaint Louverture International Airport (Port-au-Prince). Initially, the school started with Pre-Kindergarten and 1st grade; gradually, more grades have been added each year. YesImpact is committed to making education a priority and wants its school to be an accessible place for every child to receive a quality education, regardless of economic or racial status. Our school operates under the Ministry of National Education and Vocational Training (MENFP) guidelines. In addition, we offer our students different skills in foreign languages (French, English, and Spanish), technology, and art. The knowledge and competency of a foreign language will enable our students to be competitive in national and international markets. Another essential issue is that not all students in Haiti have access to breakfast and lunch. We provide a weekly lunch during school days to facilitate our students' learning. Sponsoring a student and donating to our ministry will guarantee each student's meals five days a week.