In Haiti, attending school has become a challenge for parents and students. Our philosophy is: “through education, we can instill good morals to make the world a better place to live and make an outstanding impact on others.” This is why we opened our own school on September 12, 2016 called Institution Mixte Jean Kedler (IMJK). Initially, the school began with kindergarten and 1st grade, then gradually additional years will be added yearly. YesImpact is committed to making education a priority and wants school to be an accessible place for every child to receive a quality education, regardless of economic status or racial mix. Our program is designed to offer our students additional skills, like technology and art classes, starting in the 1st grade. The students will also have an opportunity to learn French, English, and Spanish. The knowledge and the mastery of a foreign language allow the students to be competitive in the national and international markets. In Haiti, another challenge is that not all students have access to breakfast or lunch. In order to facilitate the learning of our students, we feed them one hot meal only 4 days a week. We welcome your generous donation so that we can provide a meal 5 days instead. Our staff benefits from this advantage too.