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Sponsor A Child

Sponsorship is the direct way a donor can support a child during schooling. You can sponsor a Haitian child from Pre-Kindergarten to High School (13th grade in Haiti) by making a monthly donation of US$40. Your contribution will go directly to benefit your sponsored child. Also, it will be invested in other projects in Haiti, such as adult literacy, health, microfinance, and entrepreneurship programs. You will receive a photo of your child with all the necessary information (name, age, family history, and dreams for the future), a school report, and a newsletter from the organization sharing our work impacting life in Haiti. All donations are tax-deductible, so please expect a contribution statement for your income tax filing. When a company or institution funds one of our projects, as a sign of recognition YesImpact will publish its information on our website.

Sponsor A Child

Sponsor A Child
Sponsor A Child

Connect with Your Sponsored Child

As a sponsor participating in the YesImpact Sponsorship Program, you can interact with your sponsored child in one of the following ways:
Write My Sponsored Child A Message
You can send a handwritten letter to your sponsored child to our address: PO Box 682838, Orlando, FL 32868. You can also send an electronic message by filling out the form below. We will translate and deliver it to your sponsored child. You can also email a picture of the handwritten letter to info@YesImpact.orgfor quicker delivery to your sponsored child.
Visit Your Sponsored Child
Meeting a sponsored child is an extraordinary experience that will cement a lasting friendship between you and your child. Your visit will confirm your sponsorship's importance to your child and their family and allow you to see firsthand how you bring tangible benefit to a rural community. Unannounced visits are not recommended to ensure everyone's safety and privacy. Should you decide to visit your sponsored child, please email or call 765-413-9667 to schedule your visit. Please give us at least one month's advance notice so our staff can make the necessary arrangements. Our team in Haiti looks forward to assisting you at every step of your visit to ensure you are safe, comfortable, and treated with the utmost care. We'll also provide valuable information, procedures to follow, and other helpful materials to make the most of your visit.

Send Your Sponsored Child A Message

Sponsor A Child Flyer

Please feel free to share this to anyone interested in sponsoring a child in Haiti to go to school.