Community Development

As part of our project, the WHO definition (1999) of development community seems appropriate: "this is the way of working based on the continuation of equity, beyond social justice, participation and empowerment, enabling people to identify common concerns and support them in the action taken in this respect”. Following this, we implement microcredit programs to encourage building trust and cooperation. They help individuals to provide for their families and help others by financially impacting one another. We will also develop a clean drinking water system in the community to ensure that community members do not have to wait in long lines or travel too far to access water. We will work with local and international energy partners to utilize the already natural resources so that every family has access to electricity. We work in partnership with local businesses to provide jobs for our students while sharing with them real-life experiences so they are better prepared to handle challenges. Local tailors will make the uniforms for our students; such an approach will guarantee a contract so they can take care of their families.